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 Here’s Why Teams in Canada Are Using Cloven


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Massimo and his team at Cloven, and I can confidently say that their CRM software is by far the best in our industry.”

Jake Sheehan, Life Design Systems


“Cloven has been a game changer for our business…we used another provider the past 10 years, and have received more from Cloven in the first 6 months than from the previous provider over the 10 years.”

Adam Bornn, Managing Partner, Parallel Wealth


“Through working with the Cloven team, I’ve been able to automate key customer touchpoints. Not only has this saved me time, but it’s led to countless upsell opportunities.”

Cory Greenspan, President, Rockfield Financial


“With Cloven, I can be confident that I’m following up with each client appropriately and no-one is falling through the cracks. It provides the system to allow us to scale our business.”

Austin Wassink, Principal Advisor, Hometown Life Insurance

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