Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs to get answers to our most commonly asked questions from financial advisors- just like you!

Where is the data housed?

Since Cloven is built on Zoho, their servers are in the US.

For that reason, we don’t store any PPI in the CRM directly AND we integrate with Canadian storage providers like OneDrive and Google Drive.

What is the one-time fee to onboard to Cloven?

Our default offering is no one-time fee! This includes onboarding, data import and training with our team. This works for 80% of our clients.

The remaining 20% have too complex of data for our standard import, and so we charge $100/hour (and it’s never over 8 hours!).

Does Cloven have any Add-Ons?

Cloven, out-of-the-box, is built to be all you need for 80% of our customers.

However, if you have some advanced needs (like texting your clients), some add-ons are needed.

You can see the available add-ons here.

Do I have to pay Zoho and Cloven?

No, you do not need to pay Cloven and Zoho.

The listed price is your only cost paid directly to Cloven. From there, our billing team will handle your Zoho license.

What is Zoho?

Cloven is built on a tool called “Zoho” as it’s backbone.

Zoho is an international CRM company (like Salesforce) that is used by millions of customers. Cloven is a “skin” built specifically for Canadian financial advisors.

I already have a Zoho account- can I use this for Cloven?

Cloven is focused on the CRM. So if you are using a non-CRM Zoho app, then we will merge your account under Zoho One.

If you are already using the CRM, then we will overwrite your CRM with the Cloven template to receive all our best practices.

What Zoho license do you use for Cloven?

We use the Zoho One All-Employee license. This includes the enterprise version of all of their 45+ different applications

What Platforms can be Integrated?

Out-of-the-box, Cloven integrates with GSuite and O365 for emails, calendar meetings and Contacts.

Cloven also provides access to 3rd-party resources like the Zoho Marketplace and Zapier to allow for easy integration with many other tools.

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