About Cloven

Learn about us and our journey from simple beginnings to leaders in the fintech space. We have a strong corporate identity that grounds us as we grow.

“The Years of Learning”

Back in 2013, Massimo started the CRM consulting firm, BluRoot. He worked with SMBs to meet their specific CRM requirements. During this time he worked with financial advisors and insurance brokers who achieved great success with their custom CRM solution. Based on this success, the idea was born to build something for the broader market.

During this time, a similar phenomenon was happening among mortgage brokers Massimo was working with.

“This Model Works”

In 2018, Tom joined the firm. Through the lessons that BluRoot had learned over the years, he focused on building out-of-the-box, industry-specific solutions.

He started with mortgage brokers, and from this, BluMortgage was born. BluMortgage is now the #1 CRM in Canada for mortgage brokers.

But the opportunity for financial advisors still lingered…

“Seize the Opportunity”

Based on the huge success of BluMortgage, and the persistent demand for a better CRM for Financial Advisors, it was time to attack the market with full force. This was the inception of Cloven.

Cloven has grown incredibly quick- shaking the “status quo” for Financial Advisor CRMs.

With strong industry ties, and tremendous support from our clients, the sky is truly the limit for Cloven!


Our Commitment to the Canadian Financial Industry


A MaRS Discovery District-backed venture

MaRS Discovery District is a not-for-profit corporation founded in Toronto, Ontario.


Proudly Canadian

All staff live and work within Canada. All development work takes place within Canada.

Massimo Ianniruberto


Massimo is our president and founder of BluRoot. During his time in this role, he has worked with leaders in the insurance, mortgage and real estate industries. In his free time, he enjoys watching basketball and playing Gran Turismo.

Tom Hall


Tom leads our industry-specific solutions, BluMortgage and Cloven. He also manages our Zoho products, BluText and WES, making sure they are cutting edge. In his free time, you can find Tom playing chess and watching football.

Trevor Hilton

Head Developer

Trevor is our Head Developer. He leads the development team in building features and integrations to ensure a great and fully integrated user experience for our clients. In his free time, Trevor likes to produce music.

Maryah Diulia

Marketing Manager

Maryah is our Marketing Manager. She creates and implements marketing strategies, campaigns and social media content. She loves space-related stuff, unicorns and soccer. When younger she used to sing on talent shows at her school and won 1st place in 2013!

Nadia Shiwdin

Customer Success Manager

Nadia is our Customer Success Manager. She helps with Cloven Implementation, client management and retention, and supports operations. When she’s not working, you can find her climbing rocks, biking around town, or playing with her dog.

Bilal Choudry


Lynda Khouildi

Customer Success Manager

Our Values

Team Over Everything

We like to think of ourselves as a pro sports team. We want to win our championship, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help us get there.


It might not feel great in the moment, but being honest- no BS- is always worth it. Don’t shy away from giving the hard truths.

Do It the Right Way (No Waste)

When faced with the Quick & Dirty or the Right Way, always choose the latter. This avoids re-work, which drains the team’s time and morale.

Just Do (BLU) It

Don’t get lost in perfection. It’s not worth it. Identify the part of work that can be done the Right Way (no matter how small) and Just Do It. This provides confidence, and allows for feedback from the team/clients.

Keep Your Head Down

After a loss, don’t make excuses, but embrace Win or Learn. After a win- let’s recognize it- but be back working the next morning. We are on a continuous journey with providing real client value as our compass.

Thrive in Ambiguity

We have tools and resources, but ultimately, there is no manual at Bluroot. Each teammate is trusted to “make the call” and Just Do It.

Merit Matters

We evaluate teammates on their ability to help the team win, nothing else.

Win or Learn

We want to win. If we don’t win, learn the lesson to win next time.

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