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Build Better Client Relationships

(With an Easy-to-Use CRM)

With the Cloven, Life Insurance CRM, build a complete client profile including active policies & investments, entire communication history, and even relationships with other clients.

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Used by top life insurance brokers in Canada


The Problem

I need a simple, but complete overview of ALL my clients

  1. Inboxes/Excel to manage clients across a team is too complicated
  2. Basic tasks like note-taking requires navigating old and clunky UI
  3. Lack of integration means constant double entry
  4. I find myself doing the same repetitive tasks over-and-over again

Step #1

Import Your Data. We’ll Do It For You!

Whether your current clients are in Excel, or another CRM like ACT!, Maximizer or Salesforce, it can be imported into Cloven!

The best part? This is 100% handled by our team.


Step #2

Build Your Client Profiles

For each client, write notes, identify relationships with other clients, upload related documents and much more!

[Bonus]: If you’re thinking of selling your business one day, this hugely increases value

Step #3

Integrate With GSuite & O365

Enable pre-built integrations with GSuite & O365 Emails, Contacts and even Calendar to enhance your clients’ profiles.

This also keeps all team members up-to-date with the latest client interactions.


Step #4

Collaborate With Your Team

With everything in one spot, your team has a single source of truth for client information.

Need help from a colleague? Tag them in a note, or send them a “To-Do” through a task.

Step #5

Automate Repetitive Tasks

With up-to-date client profiles, unlock the full value of Cloven.

Want to send an annual report of active policies, or reminders to follow-up? Get this on auto-pilot with Cloven’s pre-built automations.


Is Cloven Right For Me?!

Still not sure if Cloven is right for you and your business? Take our Fit Assessment Survey to determine your “CRM archetype”:

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 Here’s Why Teams in Canada Are Using Cloven


“Cloven has been a tremendous asset to our team, and a key factor to our growth as a firm. We always receive exceptional service, so that our CRM can evolve with our business needs.”

Doug Adlam, Managing Partner, Gambit Wealth


“Through working with the Cloven team, I’ve been able to automate key customer touchpoints. Not only has this saved me time, but it’s led to countless upsell opportunities.”

Cory Greenspan, President, Rockfield Financial


“With Cloven, I can be confident that I’m following up with each client appropriately and no-one is falling through the cracks. It provides the system to allow us to scale our business.”

Austin Wassink, Principal Advisor, Hometown Life Insurance

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